Taking Precautions | Stay Healthy While Traveling

There are many precautionary measures to be taken while traveling to keep you healthy, and they are fairly easy. Take the time to pack disinfectant and be conscious of what you are touching, and read the guide we have put together below to help you and your loved ones stay healthy while traveling.

  • Make sure to pack sanitary wipes, like Wet Ones, Germ-X, or Clorox Wipes. Many wipes can be used for both your hands and surfaces. Make sure to regularly wipe down your phone and other electronics, and wipe down surface areas that you will be touching, like airplane seats, armrests, airplane trays, and hotel desks or tables.
  • Bring some hand sanitizer as well, so that your hands will always stay germ-free, especially when you aren’t near a soap dispenser and a sink.
  • Wear an N95 or another type of mask while in the airport, Uber or taxi, or any other busy areas.
  • Use paper towels to turn off sinks and open bathroom doors.
  • Make sure to wash your hands as often, and avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, as well as others around you.
  • While on vacation, be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, as well as eat a balanced diet to help your boost your immune system.
  • Cover all coughing and sneezing, and if you aren’t feeling well, stay home or in your hotel room to avoid getting others sick.
  • Practice safe, social distancing and avoid large crowds of people when possible.

Social Distancing at Dauphin Island Beach Rentals

Our rentals make it easy to practice social distancing. Each of our houses and condos is entirely private, so you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with others if you’d prefer not to. Each of our rentals is unique and spacious, with a gulf coast aesthetic. Relax with your family and enjoy views of the gulf or bay from the front porch of your house, or spend time on the soft sandy beaches or the pool at your rental. Rest assured we are taking extra steps to make sure space is sanitized, with extra attention on the high touch areas such as light switches, handles, door knobs etc. And of course, be sure to follow our guide above so that you can stay healthy and enjoy everything we have to offer at Dauphin Island Beach Rentals! Head to our website to find the perfect rental for you and book online!